On-going projects

4POINT0 team members carry out various research projects in collaboration with our partners. These multidisciplinary projects are diverse in nature, with both a qualitative and quantitative approach, such as surveys, case studies, and interviews, to name a few.

Tackling the Canadian start-up scale-up paradox through the integration of innovation ecosystem assessment and strategic technology planning

Developing new innovation indicators of Canadian firms

Innovation trajectories in infrastrucure and construction ecosystems

Innovation Ecosystem and Students’ Firms

The impact of AI on healthcare ecosystems

Une analyse de la supergrappe océanique au Canada : innovation, technologies 4.0 et retombées industrielles et régionales

The Emergence of the Personalized Medicine Innovation Ecosystem in Canada

Investigation of the critical actors in collaborative ecosystem with the focus on the science-technology interactions

Mapping Innovation Ecosystems using Web Analytics

Anticipating transformative innovations and their implications: AI innovation strategies in Canada and the UK

Transportation hubs as loci of multi-layer ecosystems of innovation

Measuring New Digital Technologies and Their Impacts in Innovation Ecosystems

New forms of urban mobility and emerging innovation ecosystems

Innovation and Attitudes Toward Digital Technologies in Traditional Industries in Saskatchewan

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