4POINT0 2021 International Conference

P4IE Conference website

P4IE Pre-Conference Summer School: May 10, 2021
P4IE International Conference: May 11-13, 2021


We are organizing the first ‘‘Policies, Processes and Practices for Performance of Innovation Ecosystems” (P4IE) international conference on 10-13 May 2021. Organized around eight highly relevant tracks, the conference offers participants the opportunity to discuss the impact of various technologies, practices, processes and policies, on innovation ecosystems, and the best means by which to design collaborative environments. The goal of the conference is to explore ways to strengthen Canada’s innovation through innovation ecosystems.


The conference will focus on the following topics:

  1. Advanced manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace
  2. Mobility & Infrastructure
  3. Entrepreneurship & SMEs
  4. Policies for scaling up innovation ecosystems
  5. Ecosystems in rural regions
  6. Health innovation ecosystems
  7. Applications of AI
  8. Data for innovation measurement


4POINT0 is a partnership that seeks to build a common knowledge mobilization (KM) channel between knowledge experts, policy- and decision-makers. The conference will bring together stakeholders from government, academia, industry and the public to create a rich environment for coordinating industrial practices, public innovation policies, university S&T diffusion, disclosure and commercialization strategies. Audiences will include:

  • Industry decision makers, from SMEs to large corporations, involved in innovation ecosystems and interested in improving their innovation performance
  • University technology transfer office staff and academics wishing to commercialize their research
  • Government policy-makers, including senior officials in ministries, departments and agencies charged with devising and implementing innovation policies
  • Academic community, including students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Research and innovation intermediaries, bridging academia and industry stakeholders to facilitate collaborative research


The call for paper is open to academics papers and industry papers.

  • Submissions of academic extended abstracts due by February 14, 2021 (acceptance notification by March 5)
  • Submissions of industrial papers due by March 14, 2021 (acceptance notification by April 2)

More details and submission guidelines on conference website.

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