Master Class: How to refresh and renew our ideas: Brainstorming beyond post-its

Creativity tools are now part of the practices of many organizations, and each new trend comes with a new tool. And what if we went back to the basics? Developed in the 60s by advertising executive Alex Osborn, brainstorming is the most used tool - and all too frequently misused tool - in organizations. However, facilitating a successful brainstorming session and grasping its social-cognitive challenges is not as obvious as it seems. Beyond the use of colored post-its, the success of a brainstorming session lies in its preparation, facilitation and debriefing.

Based on the most current studies in psychology and neuroscience of creativity, this master class aims to bring a fresh look at brainstorming as a creativity tool, and to propose implementation levers to organize successful brainstorming sessions. Practical exercises will address different aspects of brainstorming preparation and facilitation, through real cases, particularly in the field of health.

Biography :

Marine Agogué, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at HEC Montreal. An expert in cognition of creativity, she has been working since 2009 on the cognitive and social mechanisms linked to the generation of creative ideas, and has supported organizations in the implementation of creative and innovative practices.

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