Research themes

4POINT0 seeks to understand the characteristics of different types of innovation ecosystems, at different points of their lifecycle, regarding their contribution and impact on idea generation/conversion and innovation commercialization/implementation. By means of four interrelated, multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral research themes rallying the expertise of researchers and practitioners and grounded in our partners’ needs, the research will aim to devise what new adapted public policies, innovation support mechanisms and collaborative processes and practices need to put in place to ensure:

  • (T1) the best conditions for the emergence of innovation ecosystems;
  • (T2) the smooth transition from emergence and the efficient operation of innovation ecosystems;
  • (T3) the successful evolution of innovation ecosystems to benefit from new disruptive technologies;
  • (T4) the sustainability of innovation ecosystems via the maximization of benefits and impacts while minimizing obstacles to, and risks of, collaboration.

The framework is aimed at breaking down disciplinary and sectoral silos by adopting a systemic approach that brings all ecosystem members together. Grafted onto the four themes are mechanisms related to collaboration, which emerge as a necessary underlying theme.

The team will conduct research on the ecosystems in which our partners are active members and conveners. Some partners are building emerging ecosystems (Information and Communication Technologies / Artificial Intelligence – ICT-AI; Sustainable mobility); some are trying to operationalize ecosystems that have already emerged (Advanced materials; Health); and others are evolving with a will to taking advantage of advances in AI for instance (Digital Aerospace, Industry 4.0/Smart manufacturing). All have the sustainability of the ecosystem at heart.



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