The overarching goal of 4POINT0 is to propose, help put in place and evaluate innovation ecosystem models that accelerate and improve the trajectory of disruptive technologies from science and technology to innovation to foster strong economic development.

The overarching goal can be split into seven specific objectives:

  1. Portray past and current collaboration, idea generation/conversion, and innovation practices/ value chain within existing innovation ecosystems, as well as relevant innovation policies;
  2. Analyse the impact of such practices and often recent STI policies on innovation;
  3. Harness big data to develop new and more appropriate evidence-based innovation indicators specific to ecosystems at different stages of their lifecycle and innovation process: knowledge production / sharing / integration, idea generation / conversion / valuation, innovation development;
  4. Evaluate and validate these new indicators with well-tested methods;
  5. Propose and test improvements to innovation policies and practices;
  6. Co-develop and measure the impact of new practices and value generation models to foster potentially disruptive innovation within emerging, operating and evolving ecosystems;
  7. Compare the characteristics and general performance of Innovation Superclusters / ecosystems, and of the firms within, with a set of counterfactuals in Canada and internationally, over time.

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