4POINT0 Webinar: Our research projects, part 2

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4POINT0 firsts webinars will be held on September 17 and October 10 at noon. Both webinars will focus on all our research project, with each project leader having 5 minutes to present their work.

On this first webinar, the following projects will be presented:
Fabiano Armellini/Sophie Veilleux: Tackling the Canadian start-up scale-up paradox through the integration of innovation ecosystem assessment and strategic technology planning
Catherine Beaudry: Developing new innovation indicators of Canadian firms
David Wolfe/Elena Goracinova: New forms of urban mobility and emerging innovation ecosystems
Patrick Cohendet/Thierry Burger-Helmchen/Laurent Simon: The impact of AI on healthcare ecosystems
David Doloreux/Richard Shearmur: Une analyse de la supergrappe océanique au Canada : innovation, technologies 4.0 et retombées industrielles et régionales
Andrea Schiffauerova: Investigation of the critical actors in collaborative ecosystem with the focus on the science-technology interactions

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