Anchor 4POINT0 Webinar: Aerospace ecosystem

The current situation is exceptional and requires new models of collaboration between organizations. They will have to contend with national and international rules of the game that have just changed and will be constantly changing. Before long, the questions of governance of these large coalitions, sharing of the developed intellectual property, and regulation of the solutions found will have to be addressed. These three dimensions, a sort of Bermuda triangle of innovation ecosystems, require a coordinated effort to navigate these troubled waters.

We are therefore launching Anchor 4POINT0, a series of virtual discussions, in order to rethink the innovative society of tomorrow.

Based on concrete cases of companies and organizations that have demonstrated an incredible capacity for innovation, sometimes transforming their practices in less than a few days, these Anchor 4POINT0 will discuss how to share, deepen and perpetuate such experiences.

Join us for a first Anchor 4POINT0 on the aerospace innovation ecosystem with CAE, Thales, Aéro-Montréal and CRIAQ on May 4, 2020 at 13h (EDT).

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Event in French.

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