Leila Tahmooresnejad

Post-doctoral fellow, Polytechnique Montreal

Leila is a postdoctoral research fellow within the CDC-Innov chair of Polytechnique Montreal. Her research focuses on the impact of university funded research in nanotechnology. She holds her Ph.D in industrial engineering in the Polytechnique Montreal from her first degree in industrial engineering and master degree in technology management specialized in technology transfer. She is interested in innovation management, economics of innovation, technology and knowledge transfer between university and industry, commercialization of university patents and network structure, on its efficiency in terms of innovative productivity. Over the course of her studies, she participated in an internship program in commercialization of nanotechnology patents in Canada in AGY consulting. She is the member of the Center for interuniversity research on science and technology (CIRST). In addition, she collaborated in some research projects for Nanotechnology Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social (NE3LS) Network in Quebec.

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