Anticipating transformative innovations and their implications: AI innovation strategies in Canada and the UK

Project leader: Philip Shapira, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester

Other researchers: Margaret Dalziel, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, University of Waterloo; Barbara Ribeiro, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester; Catherine Beaudry, École Polytechnique de Montréal.
Partners: Jean-François Connolly, IVADO, Montreal; Associated Partner: Digital Strategy Office, Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

4POINT0 theme: Theme 3: Successful evolution of innovation ecosystems
Start and end dates: June 15, 2019 – October 15, 2020 (16 months)

Canada and the UK have similarities in terms of an underlying innovation paradox (strong science bases and talent pools, but patchier in terms of commercializing innovations and innovation beneficiaries). In both countries, innovation system goals seek not only to address commercialization gaps but also to foster responsible research and innovation that meets societal needs and challenges. To learn from these approaches, the project will investigate innovation policy design and innovation ecosystem implementation in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project will explore strategies and trajectories of research and innovation, including how scale up is envisioned, how dynamic innovation ecosystems will be developed, what outcomes and issues are anticipated, and how responsible research and innovation goals are addressed in the Canadian and the UK innovation, institutional, business, and policy contexts. The project will use a combination of bibliometric, content analysis, and stakeholder engagement methods.

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