Innovation and Attitudes Toward Digital Technologies in Traditional Industries in Saskatchewan

Project leader : Peter Philips (University of Saskatoon)

Other researchers: Aaron Hertes (University of Saskatoon), Sandra Schillo (University of Ottawa)

4POINT0 Themes: Innovation, Economic Development, Science and Technology

Start and end dates: October 15, 2019 to June 30, 2020 

Many innovation policies in Canada are focused on supporting investment in research and development but these ignore the fact that many of Canada’s most important industries have naturally low rates of R&D investment. Rather, they innovate in other ways such as through engineering or adopting technologies developed in other industries. This project investigates what other innovation activities businesses in industries such as agriculture, mining, oil and gas, and construction are undertaking in the context of digital transformation. It will explore the challenges that businesses in these industries face both in the business environment and in innovation. The findings will provide direction for future research and policy initiatives seeking to support these activities, and provide an understanding of the innovation mechanisms at work within the innovation ecosystems relevant to these industries.

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