Mapping Innovation Ecosystems using Web Analytics

Project leader: Schillo, R. Sandra (University of Ottawa)

Other researchers: Georgia Institute of Technology – Jan Youtie, Polytechnique de Montréal – Catherine Beaudry, University of Manchester – Philip Shapira
Partners: Statistics Canada – tbd, Treasury Board of Canada – Louise Earl, Community partners to be confirmed

4POINT0 themes: Industry 4.0, Advanced Manufacturing, Webscraping
Start and end dates: April 2019 – March 2021 (we anticipate submitting a follow-on project)

The rise of Industry 4.0 has been said to define next generation production systems. Advanced capabilities are required for many small and medium-sized (SME) manufacturers to begin to adopt Industry 4.0 practices. However, the ability of SMEs to adopt these next production revolution technologies is a cause for some concern. SMEs are often slow to adopt new technologies. They typically lack the time, information, and resources (demand failures), and suppliers and consultants can find it too expensive to locate and serve these customers (supply failures). The aim of this proposed project is to understand the relationship between firm-level innovation practices and external innovation ecosystems. The proposed project will explore the extent of linkage between firm-level practices and active participation in external groups in the local innovation ecosystems using a novel measurement approach that mixes webscraping of SME websites with commercial databases and Statistics Canada data.

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