Measuring New Digital Technologies and Their Impacts in Innovation Ecosystems

Project leader: Alex Whalley (University of Calgary)

Other researchers: Catherine Beaudry (Polytechnique Montréal); Jean-William Laliberte (University of Calgary); Danny Leung (Statistics Canada)
Potential Partners: Statistics Canada, ISED, IBM, Nesta, Alberta Innovates, CIGI

4POINT0 Themes: (T3) Evolution; (T4) Sustainability
Start and end dates: 4POINT0 Years Y2-Y6 (2019-2020 to 2023-2024)

The Digital Technologies Impacts in Innovation Ecosystems will use big data to generate new metrics to reveal how digital innovations enhance workers human capital. The project will create a large scale data base that links digital innovations – in intelligence, data capacity, software development – to firm performance and job quality in millions of enterprises around the world for the first time. We will apply frontier evaluation methods to reveal how linkages between firms spread them in ecosystems and are embodied in workers human capital. Our analysis will reveal which digital innovation indicators actually increase human capital stock to validate which indicators are economically significant.

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