Tackling the Canadian start-up scale-up paradox through the integration of innovation ecosystem assessment and strategic technology planning

Project leader: ARMELLINI, Fabiano (Polytechnique Montréal)

Other researchers: VEILLEUX, Sophie (Université Laval)
Partners: BEAUDOIN, Josée (CEFRIO)

4POINT0 theme: Theme 2 – Operation (how to scale up ecosystems?)
Start and end dates: May 2019 to April 2022 (3 years)

The business issue we aim to tackle with this research is the age-old Canadian paradox of start-up scaling up. One path to fill this local competence gap is to provide managerial tools to Canadian senior management and entrepreneurs that could guide them to the design of technology strategies that fully explores the potential of their surrounding innovation ecosystem. This proposal brings two original outcomes to the 4POINT0 partnership. Firstly, we propose a managerial tool to integrate innovation assessment and strategic technology planning by combining strengths from existing tools and adapting them to allow for the aforementioned integration. The second outcome is the verification of a hypothesis, under an exploratory approach in collaboration with two Quebec’s SMEs, that by using such a tool SMEs and start-ups may succeed in scaling up and reduce the rate of Canadian start-up and SME sales and divestments.

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