The healthcare ecosystem and the well-being of the elderly: understanding the best practices and implementing them in a local economy

Project leader: Patrick Cohendet, HEC Montréal

Other researchers:

  • 4POINT0 partner teams: Fabiano Armellini (Polytechnique Montréal), Sophie Veilleux (Laval University), Elicia Maine (Simon Fraser University), Anita McGahan (University of Toronto), Nancy Gallini (University of British Columbia), Thierry Burger Helmchen (Université de Strasbourg).
  • Mosaic Team members (HEC Montréal): Laurent Simon, Marine Agogué, Ekaterina Turkina, Nasrin Sultana, Margaux Manent, Jean-François Harvey, Réal Jacob, Denis Chênevert, Nadia Benomar, Karl-Emanuel Dionne, Patrick Groulx, Geneviève Cyr, Farideh Bahrami, Fabio-Prado Saldanha

Partners: Partnering organizations: CHUM Montréal (Dr Fabrice Brunet, Kathy Malas, Nathalie Beaulieu), TransMedtech (Marie-Pierre Faure, Carl Éric Aubin), Numana (Pascal Beauchesne), Conseil de l’innovation du Québec (Luc Sirois, Isabelle Vezina, Nancy Morin), Laval Economy (Bernard Pitre, Elmer Van der Vlugt), Humanicités Lille (Olivier Irrmann)

4POINT0 theme(s) and/or ecosystem(s): Health ecosystems

Starting and end dates: October 1st 2022- March 31st 2024

The aim of this proposal consists in answering to the research question: how to improve the well-being of the elderly, in a context where the pandemic has revealed the limits of existing measures and institutions. In such a perspective, the project is based on two main phases; first a benchmark of existing international initiatives and identification of the best practices in the domain, and second the implementation of such best practices in a local context: the city of Laval (Québec).

The main objective is to identify innovative solutions to improve the well-being of the elderly as one of the major societal problems of today economy. After a careful benchmark of the initiatives developed in this domain in different countries, the study aims at testing and implementing the best practices in the Canadian city of Laval. A related objective is to assess the use and the limits of advanced technologies such as AI to contribute to the main objective.

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