Transportation hubs as loci of multi-layer ecosystems of innovation

Project leaders: Laurent Simon (HEC Montréal), and Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montréal)

4POINT0 partner teams: David Wolfe (University of Toronto) | Fabiano Armellini (Polytechnique Montréal), Margaret Dalziel (University of Waterloo), and Sophie Veilleux (Laval University) | Majlinda Zhegu (UQAM)
Additional team members: Marine Agogué (HEC Montréal), David Grandadam (HEC Montréal), Carolyn Hatch (IPL), Pengfei Li (HEC Montréal), Raouf Naggar (HEC Montréal), Claudya Parize-Suffrin (HEC Montréal), Romain Rampa (HEC Montréal), and Ekaterina Turkina (HEC Montréal)
Partnering organizations: CRIAQ / CARIC (Denis Faubert, Alain Aubertin, Étienne Leclerc-Jolette), Prompt (Luc Sirois), Open Lab Michelin (Érik Grab), TKM (Christophe Lecante), Via Rail (Sean Schofield, Maxime Blackburn), Aéroport Montréal (Aymeric Dussart, Frédérik Nadeau), Element AI (Boris Oreshkin), CAA Québec (Olivier Nauleau), CAA National (Jeff Walker), Airport Council International (Kevin Caron), Aéroports de Paris (Sébastien Couturier).

Research themes: 1,2,3,4
Start and end dates: March 2019 – March 2022

Mobility, as the transportation of people and goods, is a major and strategic issue for social and economic developments at the local, regional, national and global scales. A sustainable mobility paradigm is starting to take shape, focusing on mobility as a key element for economic and social development, requiring major participative and multi-stakeholder innovation efforts. In this context, transportation hubs, like airports, major train stations, or intermodal stations are increasingly recognized as complex public and private nodes for urban design and development, with an important potential for data exploitation, commercial and cultural experiences. Through this study, we aim at developing an in-depth analysis of how transportation hubs can be leveraged as the core of innovation ecosystems on and around mobility issues. The study will investigate how digital technologies contribute to advancing Canadian competencies in next-generation mobility products and services, be it for the aerospace industry, ground transportation, or urban development.

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