View on the new 4POINT0 partners

4POINT0 welcomes our new research partners Andrew Park (University of Victoria), Octave Niamié (Polytechnique Montreal) and Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo (ESG/UQAM). We are pleased with these recent contributions to the organisation of innovation and new technologies. Learn more about their research interests and aspirations.


Andrew Park, PhD in Innovation, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

His research interests focus on how novel and emerging information and biotechnology can enable improved innovation outcomes and ecosystem growth. He is currently investigating how Open Innovation mechanisms impact value creation of firms within the emerging Personalized Medicine industry.  

His work has been published in interdisciplinary journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Research-Technology Management, The Journal of Medicine & Philosophy and The Journal of Engineering & Technology Management, spanning the diverse fields of medicine, biotechnology, and digital innovation.  

Andrew joined 4POINT0 with the goal of evaluating ecosystem models that accelerate the trajectory of Science & Technology innovations to foster strong economic development in Canada. He aims to work with this national network of innovation scholars to better translate Canada’s impressive research output to innovative capacity that will lead to improved health and social outcomes. 


Octave Niamié, M. Finance, MBA, Ph.D. Admin, Assistant Professor of Technological Entrepreneurship, Polytechnique Montréal

Octave worked in finance for several years before joining the academic world. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he has participated in several start-up projects in entrepreneurial coaching and in FinTech.

Today, as a researcher, he specializes in technological entrepreneurship. He studies the support tools, notably business accelerator and entrepreneurial ecosystems that support the emergence of technological companies and technological entrepreneurship in specific contexts such as regions far from large urban centers or in emerging countries. His next objective is to explore in depth entrepreneurship in emerging fields such as blockchain and metaverse. 


Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo, Ph.D. Administrative Sciences, Professor in Innovation Management, ESG/UQAM 

Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo's doctoral research focused on open innovation in Québec's international SMEs. She is also interested in technological innovations, collaborative platforms, international collaborations, and collaborative innovation approaches in a North-South context.

The results of her work have been published in academic journals such as the International Journal of Innovation Management as well as in international conference proceedings such as the World Open Innovation Conference in 2020.

Through her research, she wishes to popularize the possibilities offered by technological innovations within different sectors of activity and to accelerate collaborative innovation in a win-win perspective between Québec/Canada and the Southern countries.

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